Paid Parking

Public parking in Seaside Heights is available at numbered parking spaces in most areas of the borough. Use nearby kiosks or the mPay2Park+ app to pay for parking.
Fees range from $1/hour to $2/hour depending on the location. Paid municipal parking is enforced April 1st to October 31st. Prices change daily and vary according to the season.
You may also pay for your parking, and add time when away from your car, via the mPay2Park+ app available for IOS and Android. There is a QR code on parking kiosks in town that you may scan to download the app, also.

Parking is also available in private parking lots.

Municipal Parking is  FREE October 31 until April 1

Bayfront Free Parking

FREE PARKING in the Sumner Avenue Lot at the entrance to town.  It is adjacent to the merry go round horse monument and is an approximately three block walk to the boardwalk and beach from the lot. (overnight parking is not permitted.)

EMPLOYEES OF SEASIDE HEIGHTS BUSINESSES are encouraged to park in the free parking lot at the Grant Avenue entrance to town.

Disabled Parking

Disability Accessible parking with state issued placard or license plate is free. Can be issued visiting HERE. The placard must be displayed prominently on the rearview mirror.  Parking in any municipal parking space is free for vehicles displaying a state issued placard or license plate, regardless of whether or not the space is designated for people with disabilities.

Further information for people with disabilities may be found HERE.

Buses - Registration of buses bringing groups to the beach, boardwalk and Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach is required. Details below.

Please be aware that both the permitting process and parking location for buses has changed from prior years (Seaside Heights Borough Code 146-46)

A PERMIT IS REQUIRED for any bus that will be parking in Seaside Heights.


Bus permits are valid only for the day for which they are issued. A SEPARATE PERMIT IS REQUIRED FOR EACH DAY A BUS ENTERS SEASIDE HEIGHTS

Obtaining a permit:

For your convenience, bus parking permits are issued by the Seaside Heights Business Improvement District via an on-line registration process. The registration process is available 24/7 and costs $40 per bus, PER DAY. Before going to the on-line registration process, please be sure to have either your credit card information or, if a government entity, your purchase order information. Purchase orders are accepted from government entities only.

If you require an IRS form W-9 in order to process payment, click here and download a copy. The IRS does not require that W-9s for this type of payment be signed.

If you require a Business Registration Certificate, please click here and download a copy.

Click here for the on-line permit process

The day of your visit (please be sure every bus driver has a copy of this information) download an information sheet for your driver by clicking here

-Display your permit in the right side of the bus windshield when in Seaside Heights. Check to make sure it is visible from street level

-If you have not obtained a permit, be sure to do so before parking

-Follow the passenger drop-off instructions from your destination contact (Casino Pier, Breakwater Beach, specific motel)

-After dropping your passengers off, park your bus in the municipal parking lot between Hamilton and Webster Aves. on Bay Boulevard on the west side of town. Buses cannot be parked anywhere else in town.

Should you need assistance with the process,

For Casino Pier/Breakwater Beach groups: please call the Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach office at 732-793-6488 Ext 8215 or email

For beach and other groups, contact the Business Improvement District weekdays 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at 732-830-3700 or email


There are electric vehicle charging stations at the municipal parking lot on Grant Avenue.
There are 4 stations serving up to 8 electric vehicles.
Owners of electric vehicles will need to download the ChargePoint app that tells where EV units are installed nationwide.  The pricing information is available on the app.
We will be adding additional units at the small lot on Ocean Terrace between Hancock Ave and Sheridan Ave in June next to the public restroom that will be constructed in June.

$1.50 per hour while charging

$2.00 hour after charging is completed