Seaside Heights Endeavors to make provisions for those with disabilities as best practical.

Disabled Parking

Disability Accessible parking with state issued placard or license plate is free. The placard must be displayed prominently on the rearview mirror.  Parking in any municipal parking space is free for vehicles displaying a state issued placard or license plate, regardless of whether or not the space is designated for people with disabilities.

Service Dogs Guidance

Properly certified Service Dogs are the only pets permitted on the Boardwalk at any time. Those with Service dogs accompanying them will be asked for proof of service dog credentials as permitted by the ADA. Borough Staff are equipped and trained to determine the difference between certified service dogs and those portrayed as such. If you are found with a pet that does not follow the guidelines for Service Dog behavior you will be asked for credentials. If not given you will be politely asked to leave the Boardwalk. We do this to ensure safety and protection for those in need of Service Dogs to make sure that their companions can safely execute their jobs for their owners without possible issues from other pets.

Three important points:  
1) emotional support dogs are not service animals under the ADA.
2) there are no Federal or official NJ service dog registries; and
3) bona fide service dogs are working dogs – they must be working while they accompany their handler. Behavior that indicates a dog is not working: licking hands, eating, urinating, leash pulling, no leash, transported in a cart or baby carrier, excessive barking, misbehaving, excessive sniffing, stealing food, nervous behavior, dog is young, dog whining in absence of handler emergency.    

Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters are available from rental businesses:

Seaside Scooters, 1114 Boulevard (614) 726-6837 offers delivery with a selection of mobility scooters.

One of a Kind, Ocean Terrace and Blaine Ave (732) 830-8222

Mobility Scooter Guidelines

Mobility scooters are permitted on the boardwalk with proper documentation of the operator’s disability.

Standard Wheelchairs

Available for free loan at Visitor’s Center off of Blaine on Boardwalk near Blaine Ave. Must leave ID. Returned by 15 minutes before 5 p.m.

Beach Accessible Wheelchairs

A limited number of beach accessible (fat tire) wheelchairs are available for free on a first come basis. They are available at these two beach badge sales booths:

South Beach: one block north of Franklin Ave

North Beach: across from Kohrs’, between Fremont Ave. & Hancock Ave.

Available during beach hours. Must leave ID

Accessible ramps from the Boardwalk to beach are near the two booths.