Please clean up after your dog when walking it on the beach or boardwalk.

It is inconsiderate to other people to leave your dog's waste and if there continue to be issues with people cleaning up after their dogs, dogs will be prohibited on the beach and boardwalk year-round.

Sunday, March 21 is the last day that dogs are allowed on the Boardwalk until October 1. Should dog waste on the beach and boardwalk continue to be problem it has been this winter, they may be banned year-round.

The Classic American Boardwalk

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the summer, the Seaside Heights Boardwalk has something fun for the whole family. Kids can enjoy the many boardwalk rides, there are a number of great restaurants and young adults will love the nightlife scene. The Seaside Heights Boardwalk is home to Casino Pier and Breakwater Beach, two great attractions for kids and families. Hours upon hours of fun can be had on this Ocean County boardwalk!

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