Seaside Heights
is rapidly growing as the place to…

Live, Play & Invest.

Open a business… Develop commercial property

Seaside Heights is experiencing a shift to a year-round family destination and there is still time to join in early in the process. We host The Classic American Boardwalk, one of the very few traditional boardwalks in the United States.  We are a family resort and a diverse community balanced between commercial and residential.

The borough has a vision to revive Seaside Heights as a family oriented destination on a year-round basis.  Projects are underway on The Boulevard and Boardwalk.

We have a borough government that is very oriented towards facilitating investment and to assisting any new business or any major investor coming into town with succeeding.  We are ready to do small projects or large. We have prime real estate.  People should want to be in Seaside Heights right now because this is when we are going to take off.

We have more available ocean-proximity property than any other town in New Jersey.  There are many businesses that have been here for years and have been passed down from generation to generation; those people just love Seaside Heights.  There’s a reason businesses have been here for 100 years and there are many reasons why new businesses are coming for opportunities.

We have one of the largest suburban markets in New Jersey five minutes away across the bridge and and we are 90 minutes from the #1 and #4 market areas in the United States.  So we have people here, they’re willing and ready to spend time on The Boulevard and Boardwalk.

Pursuing our exciting vision, we have pursued redevelopment designations for several properties along The Boulevard, which affords us many tools to be able to offer someone who wants to undertake a significant redevelopment project.  A developer can come to us with a redevelopment plan and submit it directly to the Borough Council without huge concern over different types of variances that would typically cause a developer to have some concern.

We have an exciting vision for the town. We want developers and business people to come to us with their ideas and their own dream of owning a business.  We welcome, with open arms, visionary investors that are seeking a place to innovate and prosper.

We are a YES town!  If you have a project you would like to do in a coastal community, our door’s open… come talk to us.  The rush is on.  Once we have that first redevelopment plan, developers are going to say “I have to be in Seaside Heights now or I’m going to miss the opportunity.”

Seaside Heights is growing towards being a revitalized year-round community, it is just in its early phase of redevelopment. We are looking for developers who are willing to be the pioneers here and take advantage here of what we believe is an unparalleled opportunity along the Jersey Shore! View our enjoyable video to see for yourself.

To learn more about redevelopment in Seaside Heights and the most recently designated area,
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Five Year Tax Abatement

Improvements that increase the assessed value of a commercial property in Seaside Heights may be qualified for a five year tax abatement. Click here for a copy of the ordinance providing for the abatement.

The Seaside Heights Business Improvement District

The Seaside Heights Business Improvement District (BID) is one of the few town-wide special improvement districts in New Jersey. The non-profit district management corporation  is the economic development organization responsible for increasing commercial ratables in Seaside Heights by improving the business climate, recruiting new businesses, and helping existing and new businesses to do well in the town.

What We Do

The work of the BID is quite diverse, ranging from managing promotions to drive customers into Seaside Heights businesses, to assisting businesses with issues that impact on their bottom line, to being the business advocate with the borough government. We work closely with Mayor and Council to continually improve the business environment in Seaside Heights.

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Who We Are

The BID is overseen by a Board of Directors that is representative of a balanced cross-section of the business community defined in the municipal ordinance that created the BID. Board members represent different geographic areas of the community as well as commercial property owners and businesses. The BID is administered by an Executive Director, who is certified by Rutgers University as a managed business district manager, and a resourceful assistant.