Opening Seasons


The Shore Store opened in 1998, as a gift shop that was open seasonally to visitors to Seaside Heights, NJ during the summer. We have been part of the boardwalk for a very long time. We were fortunate enough to have MTV approach us two years ago about filming their Real World series in our store and the house we own on the beach as well, we jumped at the chance to join them in this venture. Looking back we never thought Jersey Shore would ever be what it is today. We didn’t think that The Situation or Snookie would be household words and that people around the world would hear about them and join in on the buzz and excitement surrounding them. Jump two years ahead and we are excited to see they are still household names, and bigger than ever expected, being interviewed by top names and showing up at the red carpet or on Monday night raw!! The draw of MTV and the cast has turned our seasonal store in Seaside Heights, to a frantic crazy place everyone wants to visit, and we welcome all of our visitors with open arms. The Shore Store is so hectic and busy that there can be an hour long wait to get into the store, especially during filming. It has been a thrill to work along side MTV these past two years and we hope to look forward to a bright future with them. Along with a very popular TV show and making stars out of the cast, we cannot thank them enough for making our store and beachside home a place for people to actually plan vacations from around the world to come and visit. The merchandise we list in our ebay store is original merchandise and designed by myself. Only our store carries original merchandise because we are the place the show was filmed anything else you see online….. well it’s a copy of our work. We often take the popular phrases that the cast comes up during filming or around events that happen, like the Free Snookie T-Shirt, when she was arrested. The “I wrote the note…” from Miami not to mention all the grenade shirts. Need I say more? If you want to be FRESH TO DEATH, you have found the right place! Live by the motto GTL or DTF or perhaps Deny, Deny, Deny or “Come at me Bro” we have it right off the original store shelves! Keep Fisting Pumping!!!! Danny “The Boss” aka That guy!

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