Wed: 6pm-8pm; Thur: 6pm-10pm


Seaside Heights Italian American Club was founded in 1968 with the mission to continue to preserve the Italian culture, honor and practice the Italian traditions and foster the Italian heritage within the community that was brought here from italy. The Seaside Italian American Club functions solely due to the continuous efforts of our members. With their membership participation and financial support the club has the financial resources to offer scholarships, contribute to local and international causes. While working together we inspire new generations of Italians to share in our pride and history. Seaside Italian American club is located in Seaside Heights, NJ. It is a charitable organization that contributes to the community. The club offers italian language classes for all levels that are taught by members who are fluent in italian. It continues to strive to celebrate the heritage and promote the culture by participating in activities and events that pertain to the italian culture. Every year during the Columbus day parade, the club hosts italians from italy who participate in the parade.

Special Offers

We are always looking for people that have italian descent and want to be part of a club that celebrates and promotes the italian culture and heritage. If you are interested please email at seasideitalian@gmail.com or call 732-793-1737. We have a great location down in seaside about 4 blocks from the boardwalk.

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