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Located on the Corner of Grant Ave and Ocean Terrace. Bring the family for some racing action! Navigate the turns, climb over the bridge and cruise through the tunnel. Cars are available in children’s size, adult size and two-seats for the young race car driver to be!  Renovated and expanded!

Restrictions: In order to best accommodate you and your group at the Go-Karts we offer the following karts and restrictions: Single Car: 54” minimum height for all drivers. Double Car: 54” minimum height for the driver. 36” minimum height to 48” maximum height to be a passenger (passenger tickets are discounted). Single “Junior” Car: 48” minimum height to 54” maximum height (this car is sized for younger guests and operates on the same track during the same race as all other cars). Additional Information: Loose articles must be secured or left with a non-rider. Additional Safety Guidelines: All Go-Karts are individually driver controlled – drivers must operate a steering wheel, gas pedal, and brake. Go-Karts go up to 14 miles per hour and are not “Bumper” cars. Drivers who intentionally bump, cause accidents, drive dangerously, or do not have safe control of their vehicle will be removed from the race at the ride operator’s discretion. When signaled by the traffic lights or ride operators, all drivers must stop their cars until directed otherwise. Use of cell phones, cameras, or any hand-held devices during the race is strictly prohibited. If you would like a picture, please leave your camera with a non-rider. Hand-held devices can become hazards on the track and a safety hazard to all drivers. Casino Pier is not responsible for damage to any loose or lost articles. We are here for your safety and enjoyment. If you have any questions, please ask one of our team members. Ride operators will be happy to demonstrate proper use and safety of the Go-Karts upon request.

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