Tis the Season! The days may be shorter and colder, but Seaside Heights is still your place for shore fun.

Here are some ideas for the next few months:

Hang out at the beach, but make sure to bring a warm blanket! Sitting on the beach and enjoying the ocean and beachcombing are free, though swimming is not allowed without lifeguards present.

Had a stressful day? Stroll The Classic American Boardwalk or the beach. Take a break from work or whatever routine you are in and grab a bite to eat at the Boardwalk and Boulevard eateries that remain open.  Even bundled up in winter weather, the boardwalk gives you a beautiful break from your day.

Winter sunrises and sunsets can be spectacular.  Enjoy a sunrise from our ocean beach or a sunset from our southern bayfront. Grab a cup of coffee and some light food to add to the enjoyment.

Casino Pier Casino Arcade is open Fridays through Sundays through the spring!

Have a nice lunch or dinner at one of our outstanding, popular restaurants or pizza places. There are some open daily and others weekends.

Do a weekend date night that includes one of our great restaurants, fun in one of our arcades, and/or music at one of our establishments that provide live entertainment.

Wintery days are perfect days for enjoying our arcades. Some have delightful food offerings attached to them. Please visit the arcade websites for winter operating hours.

Shop. Some of our Boardwalk stores are open most days year-round and many more on weekends. Get great gifts or shore-themed clothes and décor for yourself. The popular Shore Army Navy Store on Central Ave. and Dockside Outfitters on our southern bayfront are open. Check business websites for current hours of operation.

Do a business lunch at one of our outstanding restaurants and then take a stroll on the Boardwalk with your associates.  The crowds are gone and can have a successful business discussion while enjoying your favorite boardwalk eats.

Special events are part of the Seaside Heights scene year-round. Check the events page at exit82.com for the latest event information.

Go fly a kite..yes, winter winds around the ocean can make for some great kite flying and kites are allowed on Seaside Heights beaches when bathers are not present.

Kayak or canoe from our bayfront beaches. The northern beach is fairly protected and the southern beach opens to the Barnegat Bay.  Bundle up and enjoy the beautiful waters and skies during the wintertime.

On those warmer winter days, bicycle up or down the barrier peninsula making Seaside Heights your starting point. There is plenty of free parking, you can ride the boardwalk, have a nice meal, and visit intriguing neighboring towns.

Enjoy photography with so many creative settings to explore.  The Ferris Wheel on Casino Pier is lit throughout the holidays making for some beautiful photos!

A few things to keep in mind, for everyone’s enjoyment (seasonal info):

  • Municipal parking is free from Oct. 31 to April 1. Private lots have their own schedules and fees.
  • Bicycles, roller blades, roller skates or scooters are allowed to be operated safely on the Boardwalk weekdays. Weekends and Holiday Mondays until Oct. 31 their operation is restricted to 6 a.m. to Noon.
  • Skateboards may not be operated on the boardwalk at any time
  • Dogs are allowed on the Boardwalk and beach from Oct. 1 until Palm Sunday. You must clean up after your dog

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