Stroll the classic American Boardwalk and visit businesses throughout town to get some great end of summer deals.

Here is a sampling:

Berkeley Candy
1205 Boardwalk

-A pound of saltwater taffy with a pound of fudge for $20.

-A box of mixed chocolates with a box saltwater taffy and fudge in it for $25. Our hours are 10:00 till 8:00

Island Soul
1309 Boardwalk

Lucky Leo’s Sweet Shop
217 Boardwalk

-Buy 1lb of loose Taffy, get 1/4 lb free.

-Buy 1lb of Homemade Fudge, get 1/2 lb free.

-Buy 4 bags of Penny Candy, get 1 bag free.

One of a Kind
609 Boardwalk

A variety of summers’ end savings

Sand Tropez
309 Boardwalk

Savings throughout the store

Shore Army Navy
201 Hamilton

Save on great gear

Twisted Fish
702 Boardwalk

25% off all clothing

Vintage Anchor Boutique
617 Boardwalk

Lots of end of summer savings

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